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The history and people of FactoryLab

About us

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Sensor manufacturer

Factorylab is a spin-off of a company supplying offshore and onshore mooring systems. Our techniques are used in many ports around the world. In 2017, we brought LoRaWAN into the built environment. Today, we focus on the areas water, indoor climate and workplace. We also have a range of industrial sensors we and create custom projects. Thanks to our install base of 50,000 sensors, we are an established name in the market.

FactoryLab employs about 20 people from its offices in Zwijndrecht (the Netherlands) and Christchurch, Dorset (United Kingdom).

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What you can expect from us

  • Dutch manufacturer of sensors with in-house hardware and software engineers
  • Extensive API documentation to read and monitor data in various platforms
  • Own field service to install, commission and maintain sensors
  • Understanding of project-based work. We assess project risks and work with KPIs
  • Attractive partner programmes that give access to extra technical and commercial support
  • Offices in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom
We are here for you

Schedule an appointment, we are happy to help.

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