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Monitor your particulate matter



The Feelfine measures particulate matter, making it a tool for meeting policy standards and advisory values regarding the presence of particulate matter in a room.


Feelfine Specifications

General specifications of the Feelfine:

  • PM range of 0 - 1000 ug/m3
  • Weighs 181 grams
  • Dimensions 82mm x 122mm x 25mm

Why our customers choose FactoryLab

  • FactoryLab-beeldmerk

    Linked to dashboard

    Each sensor comes with an online dashboard to easily read your data
  • FactoryLab-beeldmerk

    Guaranteed service

    Something does go wrong? Our engineers will be happy to solve it for you!
  • FactoryLab-beeldmerk

    Verified Dutch design

    All our sensors and dashboards are designed and tested in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands
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